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Walking Jackets, Hammocks, Cat Beds, Toys and Cat trees

Camelottaspots donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our kittens to the Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America, a 501(c)(3) No-Kill, Feline-Only shelter/sanctuary that houses and cares for  200 rescued cats, regardless of breed or mixed breed, on a daily basis.  Due to the lack of donations sufficient to support the shelter on an ongoing basis, Camelottaspots also makes products that are sold to support the shelter, in addition to donating the proceeds from the sale of our kittens.  Please take the time to browse thorugh our products and if you are interested on any of them, you may purchase them through PayPal by sending the appropriate amount of money directly to the Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America at   Camelottaspots and the shelter, thank you for your consideration of our products to support the 200 cats in rescue.

                   BONFIRE Fundraiser - SERVAL shirts!

These beautiful shirts are available from time to time, through the Bonfire Company. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt is donated by the company to the Exotic Heritage Cat Association Shelter to support the 200 cats in rescue at that shelter. Here is the url to go to to purchase one of these beautiful shirts. They are available in both black and charcoal and in a variety of shirt types for children, ladies, and men. (black shirts) and (Charcoal colored shirts). The charcoal colored version of the serval shirt is pictured below.


Below are a few examples of the hammocks that we produce and sell to support the shelter. These hammocks are machine washable. The clips are detachable for laundering, so they do not "clank" in your dryer. In addition, if a clip gets broken for any reason, it is easily replaceable so that you do not have to throw away the entire hammock. People who have purchased our hammocks have reported that they last for years! The hammocks used in the shelter obviously get much more use and abuse than one that is used for just a couple of cats. Yet, even the hammocks used in the shelter have lasted as long as five years!   If you take care of these hammocks, they last a long time! They are priced at $37.50 including US Priority mail shipping. You may purchase them through PayPal by sending $37.50 to If you would like to purchase four or more hammocks, please contact us for special pricing at


Cat Trees

Below are some examples pf the types of cat trees we offer. Our carpeted cat trees are made from real wood, not cardboard, so they last a long time! Our plastic hammock cat trees are suitable for use inside or in outdoor enclosures. They are easily washable. The hammocks detach and may be washed in your washing machine.


The above cat tree is approximately 36 inches tall. It is made from real wood and high quality carpet and is built to last. It is sturdy enough that even our Savannahs have not been able to knock it over. However, because it is made from real wood, as opposed to cardboard, it is quite heavy. Therefore shipping depends upon where you are located and you will have to email for pricing before ordering. The cat tree, not including shipping, is priced at $175.


The above three tiered cat tree has three round beds measuring 17 inches in diameter. The first tier is 21 inches from the ground. The second tier is 37 inches from the ground and the third tier is 52 inches from the ground. This cat tree is made from real wood, and offers sturdy upright posts for your cat's scratching pleasure, and is very heavy. It cannot be knocked over by even the biggest domestic cat, as it has a wide base for support. This cat tree is priced at $225, not including shipping. Because of its weight and size, shipping is expensive and depends upon the distance it is being shipped from Arizona. For this reason, you will need to call for pricing before ordering. However, this cat tree is built to last. We have had some that have lasted as long as ten years!


This double hammock washable cat tree is offered at $175, including both hammocks. Shipping depends upon the destination and is calculated separartely. The hammocks, alone, sell for $37.50 each. We also offer a single hammock version of this cat tree for $140, not including shipping.

Walking Jackets

Our walking jackets are made to last! They are offered in two different versions. The first is made from 100% fabric. The second version is made from real leather and fabric. We use only the finest quality fabrics. Our 100% fabric jackets are machine washable. The leather jackets, while extremely durable, must be cared for the way you would care for your own garments made from real leather (i.e using leather cleaners). All of our jackets are reversible so that they may be worn on either side. Hence, it is like getting two jackets for the price of one. Our jackets come in small, medium and large. The small jackets fit kittens or cats ranging in size from 3.5 pounds to 7.5 pounds. The medium sized jackets fit cats that weigh 7.5 pounds to 13 pounds. The size large fit cats weighing from 12.5 pounds to 17 pounds. If in doubt, please provide the measurements of your cat as the circumference in inches around your cats neck, as well as the circumference in inches around your cats torso just behind the elbows. We also make custom jackets for cats that require an extra large size jacket. Pricing depends upon how much material is used in making the jackets.

Size small fabric jackets are priced at $27.50. Small Leather jackets are $37.50. Medium 100% fabric jackets are $37.50. Medium leather jackets are $47.50. Size large 100% fabric jackets are $47.50. Size large leather jackets are $57.50. All prices include shipping within the continental United States. International shipping costs a bit more depending upon the country. If in doubt or if you need a custom size jacket, please inquire for pricing before ordering. Otherwise, you may order via PayPal using the pricing guidelines above and send payment to

Please note that the ring for the leash is attached at the belly band of the jacket, NOT on the "back" of the jacket as many other jackets of this design. This is to prevent excess pressure on the neck of the cat. Cats are not dogs, and do not respond well to neck pressure. Because of the design of our jackrets, our jackets may be used as a sling in the event that the cat is approahed by another animal while being walked. The jacket and velcro closures are secure enough and strong enough to physicaly lift the cat off the ground and into the owners arms rapidly to avoid potential injury.

Below is a picture of Razi, a beautiful and huge Savannah cat, owned by our friend, Jaqui, and going for a walk in his custom made walking jacket.