Meet Camelottaspots Lady Merryn. Merryn is now retired, has been spayed, and is living the life of a cherished pet, here at our ranch. This queen is the absolute best all around cat. Aside from her stunning looks, her personality cannot be beaten. At 46% Serval, she is a high percent F3 and happens to be one of the TICA judges' all time favorite Savannahs.   Even at her age, Merryn still enjoys getting out and about and meeting new people. She recently auditioned for a television commercial for a new cat food and she thinks nothing of giving kisses and headbutts to total strangers. She was one of our best producing queens and and had a litter by Camelottaspots Prince Charming that was born on June 24, 2009. We retained Lady Merryn's daughter to carry on the legacy begun by her Mom.  This girl's name is Lady Delta Force and she was chosen to be on the cover of the 2012 Annual Cats USA magazine.  She is an absolutely stunning female!


Camelottaspots Lady Madellyn, at the left, is a full sister to Lady Merryn.  "Maddy" has also been shown extensively, debuting at the TICA Annual in Wisconsin in 2003, and making another appearance at the World Cat Congress in Houston, TX in 2004.  Maddy has also been shown at numerous smaller shows throughout the Southwest Region.   Maddy has produced some outstanding kittens for us, and we  retained two of her daughters, and one of her sons, for our breeding program.  Her son, Camelottaspots Charmed Knight, aka "Charmer" can be viewed on our Savannah Kings' page.  Charmer produced one litter for us out of a DSH queen.  We retained one male from that litter and named him Prince Charming (AKA PC) after his Dad.  We have also retained several of Maddy' daughters for our breeding program.                      Maddy, herself, was recently retired and spayed, but continues to reside here, at our ranch, as a cherished pet.

To the right is Camelotaspots Lady Bella D'Echo (AKA Echo).  Echo is another one of our superb show quality queens.  She was shown extensively at TICA shows throughout the Southwest.  She loved to perform for the judges and would sit on their judge's stands all day long, if permitted.  She is a real ham.  Echo is still in our breeding program, and so is one of her daughters that we retained.  



Meet Camelottaspots Lady Windsor.  Lady Windsor is a littermate to Lady Bella D'Echo.  Both of these girls were shown in new breed classes at TICA shows, where they received accolades from almost every single judge who handled them.  Like her sisters, Windsor has a very golden ground color with a highly contrasted spotting pattern on a very clear and non-ticked coat.  

Finally, to the right, is a picture of Camelottaspots Lady Ruffian (AKA Ruffy).  Ruffy is an absolutely fantastic girl.  She loves people, and also did well in the new breed classes at TICA shows.  Ruffy produced her first litter for us in 2008.   She is such a good Mom,   and really loves her babies.  In spite of her protective feelings for her kids, Ruffy never fails to greet me with kisses and head butts even when she has babies.  She doesn't mind if I abscond with her babies for a while, to play with them and take their pictures, but watches carefully to make sure they are not being hurt.  


Lady Delta Force
High Percent F4 Savannah Queen
We are very pleased to introduce Lady Delta Force (aka Delta).  Born in 2009, Delta started producing  kittens in 2014.  Delta was chosen as the 2012 Cover Girl for the Annual Cats USA Magazine and is also featured, along with her first cousin Camelottaspots Prince of Wales, in the 2012 Japanese Cat Catalog. We could not be any more pleased with this beautiful girl.